Monte Carlo Casino: Gambling In Style On The French Riviera

Monte Carlo Casino: Gambling In Style On The French Riviera

The glitz, glamour, and grandeur of Monte Carlo Casino have made it a gambling mecca for over 150 years. Nestled in the tiny principality of Monaco on the French Riviera, this ornate gambling palace oozes luxury and sophistication. With its belle époque architecture and opulent interior décor, Monte Carlo Casino provides a spectacular backdrop for high-stakes gambling in style.


An Iconic Setting


The casino’s waterfront location adds to its allure. Perched on a rocky promontory jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea, the creamy stone building commands stunning sea views. The dazzling blue waters of the Côte d’Azur stretch out before it, with mountains rising behind. At night, the casino is illuminated, its majestic Belle Époque façade glowing in the darkness.

Surrounded by luxurious hotels, designer boutiques, and sports cars purring along the harbourside, everything exudes affluence and sophistication.


High Stakes Glamour


Stepping inside, the gaming rooms retain the elegant sophistication of the exterior. Rococo-carved ceilings tower above, while ornate friezes and sculptures adorn the walls. Gilded columns, mirrors, and glittering chandeliers amplify the opulence. Glass-fronted cabinets display porcelain and other artworks accentuating the lavish fin de siècle style.

Yet there is nothing stuffy about the ambiance. 

Cocktail waitresses in sleek black and pink uniforms dispense drinks to punters crowded around roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker tables. Smoking may be banned, but the atmosphere still buzzes with money and excitement.

This heady mix attracts high rollers from across the globe, especially for poker tournaments. The annual European Poker Tour Grand Final brings top players vying for millions in prize money. 

Experience The Thrill

All the classic table games feature, including European and American roulette, blackjack, craps, and poker tables. Slot machines provide continuous action, including progressive jackpots. Multiple bars allow patrons to enjoy drinks without leaving the gaming rooms. There are also two restaurants for fine dining in between gambling.


Beyond The Tables


Gambling may be the main attraction, but Monte Carlo Casino offers much more. The Atrium exhibits artworks from prestigious collections. There is an outdoor terrace for drinking in the spectacular sea views. Gala events, shows, and concerts are regularly hosted in the theater and Salle Garnier opera hall.

For visitors who feel lucky, the casino provides a chance to gamble in opulent surroundings steeped in history. Even for non-gamblers, experiencing the lavish interior makes a fascinating glimpse into Monte Carlo’s glamorous past and present. The magnificent Belle époque building alone is worth exploring on any visit to the principality.


Gambling FAQs


What games can I play at Monte Carlo Casino?


Monte Carlo Casino offers European and American blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and slots. The variety of gaming tables caters to all styles and levels of players.


What are the opening hours?


The casino opens daily at 2 pm and closes late at night/early morning – usually between 2-4 am depending on the gaming room and day of the week. It is open year-round except Christmas Day.


Is there a dress code?


Yes, the casino enforces a formal dress code of evening wear after 8 pm. Men are required to wear a jacket and tie. Casual wear is allowed earlier in the day.


Can I take photos inside?


No photography or video recording is allowed inside the casino gaming rooms or at the gaming tables. Photos are only permitted in the atrium area.


Do I need to show ID to enter?


Yes, you will need to show a valid photo ID to enter the casino, regardless of age. A passport, driving license, or national ID card are accepted.


Are there age restrictions?


Yes, you must be at least 18 to enter the casino gaming rooms and play at the tables and slots. Minors are allowed in some areas if accompanied by an adult.


Is there a casino membership?


No, Monte Carlo Casino does not have a membership system. However, some player rewards may be available for frequent or high-stakes players. Check with the casino host.


Can I get a player’s card or casino credit?


The casino does not issue player cards or credit. All gaming must be paid upfront in cash or with pre-paid chips from the cashier.